The short version:

My name is Bojan Hohnjec.
I am event photographer based in NYC, specialized in weddings & concerts, with over 1000 events behind me.
My clients consist of hundreds of satisfied couples, including one Royal family, several famous bands as well as various magazines.
 The long version:
My name is Bojan (pronounced Bo-Yan) Hohnjec (pretty difficult to pronounce – even I get it wrong sometimes).
I was born in 1983, in Yugoslavia-Europe. Today I live in NYC with my beautiful wife Bojana – she is my partner both in life and in business. Yes, we have nearly identical first names (Bojan & Bojana) and the same confusing last name!
 Here are just a few highlights of my 18-year-long career:
– Photographed over 500 weddings myself, many of them international, including the Royal Wedding.
– My love of concerts got me to work as an official tour photographer for famous bands: Linkin Park, Jamiroquai, Queen + Adam Lambert, Faith No More, to name a few. By touring with them, I got to travel to more than 30 different countries.
– I was the official photographer for 14 different magazines, mostly fashion, including a 3-year position as a photo editor at FHM.
– I’ve held 4 solo outdoor exhibitions so far, visited by over 4 million people in total.
– Some of my clients were Ministers, the President of Serbia, bank CEO’s, and Chevron Texaco as a notable example.
 I was always drawn to the excitement & responsibility that big events bring. In 2007, I became hooked on weddings as they are the most difficult type of event to shoot (for a responsible photographer).
 To shoot a wedding, you have to be proficient in every field of photography: portrait, panoramic, architecture, documentary, food, details… plus every wedding tests your creativity and physical endurance to the maximum.
 My style is a blend of documentary, classic & artistic “wow” images that I picked up from magazines (like shooting for the cover). This is why many people look at my wedding photos and ask “How many photographers were there?” The answer: one. (plus a great assistant – she is my second pair of eyes and ears).
 We like to stay low-key on the day of the wedding, to be everywhere but not noticed (except for those formal/posed shots).
 By editing every photo individually, I am able to create constantly evolving extraordinary photos and finalize my vision every time, something that isn’t possible by batching them through filters.



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